Rangers Lacrosse Club

Hard work is the formula for success

about the rangers

The mission of the Rangers Lacrosse Club is two-fold. First, is to raise the level of play for dedicated youth and scholastic lacrosse players in Section IV to that of the other prominent areas of New York State and the Country. Grow better, smarter, highly skilled lacrosse players who can excel within the team concept. This is achieved by hard work on the practice field; this is where the work gets done and growth occurs. Tournaments are the opportunity to show that growth. Lacrosse players are born on cold dark practice fields, weight rooms and all alone against brick walls, not on brightly lit turf fields. Success will only come to those who show up practice after practice and take it home and find a way and the will to keep working on it.

Secondly, we want to expose the teams to the best possible competition so they can experience playing against the type of players they will team up with in college, if this is their goal. Along with that we want to make sure that by time the players get to the scholastic level they will stand out on their high school team and have a chance to showcase their abilities in front of college coaches looking to fill their rosters with can’t miss talent and get our players the best possible college education and experience.

All players and coaches must be members of US Lacrosse, those who are currently registered members of US Lacrosse, and who are in good standing, are covered by the US Lacrosse Insurance Program for the term of their membership. Membership in US Lacrosse also contains other benefits for players and their families. It’s easy and cheap to register.

If you agree with our goals and are willing to do the things it takes to surpass the current expectations for Section IV players, then the Rangers is the place to be. Come grow with us.

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